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Parks Canada oTENTiks are available at three unique locations within Riding Mountain National Park! Welcome to a whole new way of camping. No more squabbles over lost tent pegs, no more struggling to remember which pole goes where. Parks Canada oTENTiks blend the best of camping with A-frame cabins to create a spacious spot for you to enjoy. All of our oTENTiks come standard with three comfy sleeping platforms with space for up to six happy campers, and a table with seating for six. Some oTENTiks also include woodstoves, perfect for those cooler nights. Every oTENTik campsite has an outdoor campfire spot and a picnic table to enjoy. 

Wasagaming oTENTiks feature a propane barbecue, electric heat, lights and power outlets – perfect for families that like that little extra bit of comfort. We have pet-friendly oTENTiks available for those visiting with furry friends. 

Looking for a little more wilderness? Lake Audy and Moon Lake oTENTiks are what you are looking for! These easy, no-stress accommodations are for those who love nature and their creature comforts too.

Moon Lake oTENTiks
Moon Lake oTENTiks

Lake Audy oTENTiks are private campsites overlooking the lake and fescue prairie.  These three season accommodations feature a woodstove and a solar powered USB charging station and LED light. 

Situated in the boreal forest overlooking the lake, Moon Lake oTENTiks are available all year long with additional insulation to keep them comfortable through every season Manitoba can offer. Each oTENTik has a woodstove and a solar powered USB charging station and LED light.


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